About us

Our mission

Les Éditions André Fontaine is a publisher that exists first and foremost to fill a void in the police training landscape by delivering the dedicated tools trainees need to reach beyond the basics.

Since 2003, Les Éditions André Fontaine has published specialized manuals and professional handbooks to help police officers do their job well.

Our history

When our founding publisher, André Fontaine was a crime scene specialist and college professor in the field of police training in Sherbrooke, Quebec, he couldn’t help but notice a lack of adequate resources available for teaching his students. He was soon compelled to turn his course notes into a book and transform his office into a publishing house. André was a passionate man with no shortage of ideas until his sudden death in 2007. Fortunately, his publishing business lives on and Les Éditions André Fontaine continues to produce professional-grade publications that are widely used in colleges to shape the next generation of police officers. These highly respected teaching manuals are also used to train officers at Quebec’s national police training school and serve as references in police departments around the province.

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Montreal, Quebec H3K 1W7
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